Wednesday, wednesday, wednesday…..

……Just seems to be the day we post on here – it’s not really deliberate. Wednesdays are quite usefully midway and “top of the hump” so have that momentum behind them.

Anyway, today is day 1 of post-job-quitting reality and it still feels good, exciting and absolutely the right thing to be doing so that is good!

Have met some absolutely incredible people so far in this process of going from idea to reality and its only been a matter of months. What has struck us is the enormous amount of encouragement and also willingness of people (often strangers) to share advice, ideas and experience with us. It is overwhelming how people get behind you. So thank you to them, they know who they are and we are so excited about building this with you.

Lots of people have asked us why we have picked this particular moment in time to quit our day job and set this up. In many ways it has got to the point where if we don’t do it now the momentum we have built, the ideas we have been developing, the people we have met and the way policy and government sentiment is converging would have been a massively missed opportunity. And we literally just can’t wait any longer. And our business cards arrived this week and they are just too bloody nice to sit in a box! (the sad fascination with corporate stationery has already started…..)

Met the wonderful Alexis Kier from Elfrida Camden today who passed us a hoard of great stuff on VCS and settlement areas. Looking forward to Place West tomorrow and then it’s Creating Change with RIBA Women in Architecture on Tuesday.

Will be testing our ideas (and business cards) on unwitting punters and will report back next,….erm Wednesday?!

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