OMEGA Centre for Mega Projects in Transport & Development: Social Impacts Assessments & Treatment of CSR

Client: UCL

Mend was a research partner to UCL on the OMEGA Centre for Mega Projects in Transport and Development which is a five-year international research programme sponsored by Volvo. Mend provided two research papers which involved the synthesis of a significant resource of material generated from interviews with key project stakeholders.

The first research paper looked at appraising the various different methods employed by projects, their sponsors and evaluators for measuring and identifying social impacts associated with Mega Urban Transport Projects. The second paper looked at the treatment of CSR in the successful delivery of projects including Jubilee Line Extension, Channel Tunnel Rail link and the M6 Toll Road.

This second paper was most extensive and aimed to identify how the definition of CSR had changed as a greater appreciation of the complexity of understanding projects beyond satisfying political, economic and engineering requirements had also changed. It revealed how quickly projects are judged and affected by stakeholder perception and that CSR is increasingly becoming the means by which projects are valued, beyond being on time or budget.

Mend delivered these research papers to contribute to a wider synthesis of the evidence and findings gathered at the end of a five year programme.

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