Liane morphs into a BEE!

There is excitement at Mend HQ as we discover Liane has been appointed onto the Built Environment Expert (BEE) Network by Design Council Cabe.

As a BEE, Liane will be working within a 250-strong network of people from across a wide spectrum of built environment interests including social enterprise, planning, design, engagement, education and health.

This suits Mend down to the ground because we like working with an eclectic bunch!

It is early days in the process but Liane can look forward to supporting CABE in working with developers, communities and local authorities, providing independent advice, mentoring design procurement, delivering training on the role of design in neighbourhood planning, and participating in the crucial Design Review process.

We are delighted to be part of this network and that Mend’s contribution towards ensuring place and design is more socially intelligent and respects the community as a client, is recognised at such a high level.

Mend’s angle will always be very much on the “social” end of the spectrum. We will be looking for ways we can support positive growth of social capital, community engagement, active citizenship, creative and innovative behaviours, community confidence, place attachment, resilience, local networks, flexibility, valuing the informal and building collective identity into the on-going development of our places.

So keep an eye out for updates on Liane’s BEE activities. She will be chucking in her thoughts about the process and her experiences of working with other BEE’s on a regular basis…….

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