Mend goes East!

Hong Kong Planning Week takes place between 24th – 29th September 2012 and the organisers, the Hong Kong Institute of Planners, have invited our Liane to take part and give a seminar and a talk at the one-day conference. The main theme for Hong Kong Planning Week is community planning and how to build on international experience and best practive in engaging public and communities in the planning process. Our favourite subject here at Mend!

Liane’s seminar on “Building Social Intelligence: Development the Social Enterprise Way” will be given to students and academics the University of Hong Kong. She will be talking about the role of social enterprise in providing a bridge between communities and the private sector in the development process, helping them work together as a team and the resultant development being more reflective of the local logic of a place.

Liane’s conference talk is for a wider audience and will be covering: “Community as Client: from Passive to Active Citizenship in Community Planning”. In this talk Liane will cover the development of community planning in the UK to its current form. There is a an unprecedented opportunity in the UK for communities to be treated as and behave like clients, but this represents a new frontier in planning. It requires greater active citizenship and more innovative ways of engaging people into roles they have traditionally not had. It means moving away from tokenistic and “painting-by-numbers” consultation. She will be talking about how Mend’s Community as Client idea has evolved and what the implications are for development.

Liane’s approach will be bold and engaging and very visual!

She is also massively excited by the prospect of exploring Hong Kong itself – a place high on the hit-list and low in limits of its ability to surprise and enthrall. Watch out karaoke bars – she can do a mean Aguilera!

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