Constructive Feedback

Our Liane and the Urbanistas got a shout-out yesterday from the formidable and very inspiring Jackie Sadek on her Estates Gazette Blog:

Jackie has written much of late about the under-representation of women in construction and real estate; citing the many examples of all or nearly-all male line ups at events and debates surrounding the built environment, design, property and regeneration. With more amazing women out there working in these industries, than you can shake a stick at – what is going on?

It’s pointless getting frustrated waiting for things to change of their own accord. We need to be pro-active, positive and make this change ourselves. Urbanistas is about creating the space and network for women to do this, deevlop an authentic voice and try new ways of working.

We are not going to apologise for urbanistas being for women only. If people want to pick and scrape at this then I would point to the many “open” and “mainstream” organisations that despite being open to women, end up being “only”-men or “mainly”-men” – which is just as bad.

They fail to attract or represent women by virtue of the way they are structured, they way they operate and how they engage women about what we care about and how we want to work. They are dominated by men, not necessarily because they are anti-women, but because they are just not what women want.

We are busy exploring what it is we do want,  for ourselves, and with our many male friends outside our meets.

We look forward to sharing all of this as we go along!

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