Tune In Cricket Green

Last week Liane facilitated a workshop with Rob Cowan from Urban Design Skills called “Tune In Cricket Green”, on behalf of Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage (MCGC+H) and London Borough of Merton.

Mitcham Cricket Green (MCG) is an attractive and historic part of the borough but is facing pressure to change, evidenced in the form of numerous planning applications and development proposals concerning several sites in the area. This has amounted to a number of appeals and a general concern from residents that the proposals coming forward are not appropriate for the area or setting

The “Tune In” concept came about because the purpose of the event was about channelling into people’s views, perceptions and ideas for how they saw MCG changing and crucially, how they wanted to see it change. We had over 40 people take part in the event which took place in the historic Vestry Hall, facing onto the oldest operating cricket ground in the world!

Over the course of the 3 hour session the group explored what they valued most about their local area and how they could see it chaging in the near and further future. We used maps and postcards to tease out what they liked most about MCG and what opportunities existed for change.

We then took them through  process of visualising how a number of different sites could be transformed and how this could bring positive benefits to the community. It also helped articulate a shared view of what development could be acceptable and welcomed in future and what the community would like to see change.

There were some surprising ideas ranging from a new nightclub at the old firestation – replete with pole for dancing! And some great suggestions for arts and cultural facilities to help MCG become more of a destination. What was really inspirational was to see a community up for being bold and ambitious about change in the context of an area so rich in history and heritage.

And it was a pleasure to tune into that!

MCGC+H have now produced a Cricket Green Charter which has been informed directly by the event.


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