Is it time you faced up to ethical sourcing?

Construction Manager Magazine has carried an article by Liane about ethical sourcing in construction in its 1st May 2013 edition.

There is a growing sophistication on the part of clients and commissioners who understand the need to address ethical risks but this is a complex and emotive area. Contractors and suppliers recognise they need to do something, but more guidance on the practicalities of implementing ethical procurement objectives, on projects in the real world, are required.

Liane discusses the challenges of addressing ethical issues that face the construction industry and points to the precedents set by Crossrail and the London 2012 Olympics for cascading targets and objectives on ethical sourcing in projects to contractor level.

The article looks at certification and trade bodies as key stakeholders in helping the construction industry respond to ethical sourcing requirements. Companies such as InterfaceFlor are pioneers in building close relationships with their suppliers and working together to develop solutions and ways forward that help everyone in the supply chain benefit. It cannot be a one-way street.

Liane represents DSJV and C305 as a member of the Crossrail Ethical Supply Chains in Construction (ESCIC) working group. This is a cross-contractor group looking at ways to implement the ETI Base Code on the Crossrail project.

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