Wild Oxford House

Oxford House is firmly on the street art trail after Belgian street artist Roa created a hauntingly beautiful black and white mural of animals and birds on one of its exterior side walls in Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green a couple of weeks ago. The mural was commissioned by Oxford House to help promote its role as a community arts hub and bring art to the wider community.

Mend put Oxford House in touch with our friend Griff who runs Street Art London, who in turn managed to persuade Roa to come along and do the piece.

Street Art London delivers the latest street art news, street artist interviews, galleries and photos from the London street art scene. They have close ties with a great number of London’s street artists, regularly work alongside them on projects and also curate street art exhibitions in London. If you are interested in commissioning a wall in a similar way to Oxford House then you can contact Griff here.

Roa is famed for his large scale and distinctive monochrome animal and bird imagery which have appeared all over the world and lucklily for us, across London. You can see some more of his work here.

This was an idea we talked about over a year ago and its really great to see it actually happen – and so beautifully. Thanks Roa and Griff!

There are a couple of photos of the mural here courtesy of Hookedblog. But there is no substitute for going down there to take a look for yourself. (You may also spot a Christiaan Nagel mushroom hiding in the vicinity too…..)

So we hope you get a chance to pop down a take a look – and maybe pop into Oxford House too to see what’s going on there. Its a beautiful former settlement house dating back to 1884 which has been serving the community ever since. There is a great programme of activity for all the community including dance and theatre classes as well as a cafe, theatre, gallery, dance studio and small office spaces for local SMEs.

Let us know if you do!




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