about us

Liane Hartley August 2013 3Mend is a social sustainability consultancy specialising in responsible procurement, planning and place-making.

We love cities and think the way we live, work and play in them could be improved by making the way we design, make decisions and manage the built environment become more socially responsible.

All of our work involves collaborating and changing behaviours in planning, development, design and procurement processes to help generate better social outcomes for a broad range of stakeholders.

Our clients range from small community groups to mega-urban transport projects and like-minded developers. We focus on supporting them to bring about positive social impact, enable positive urban change and work with a broad mix of partners to get things done.

We help clients and partners engage with stakeholders, identify impacts, develop and manage relationships, articulate the change they want to see, make better decisions, deliver projects, monitor and assess change, learn from others, talk to people that they don’t normally talk to, make plans and processes, share ideas, collaborate with others.

We are not about helping to tick-boxes or rubber-stamp approvals.

Our specialisms include social sustainability, responsible procurement, urban anthropology, coaching and capacity building, place-making, stakeholder engagement, community planning, evaluation and assessment, social impact and social value.

Mend is also a think-tank interested in the relationship between social and spatial aspects of cities and how they affect our everyday lives.

We are recognised thought leaders and regularly write, speak and convene events and networks around how cities are changing and the role that communities and organisations play in their future.

Please get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you!


@lianemendsacity 07590 491360