mend does

We provide advice and practical support to enable communities, businesses and organisations build social value and deliver better places together.

We help communities take on the responsibility of the role as decision-maker. We help the development process become less adversarial & build community confidence to participate. We coach communities and organisations to engage better, build positive relationships and tap into the networks they need to mobilise support and resource for their projects. We see place as social first and physical second and work on projects that focus on mending the connection people have with their place and city. We like to work on projects that sees changing urban space as an opportunity to grow great urban experiences and improve the everyday life of people living in them.

We help businesses and organisations make the transition towards social value being a functional and creative part of their day to day operating culture and approach to business; as opposed to in-sourcing “good business” as a bolt-on. We support businesses to understand their social impacts and identify and demontrate their social value. We can support businesses by monitoring theirs and their supply chain’s performance in areas such as social sustainability, responsible procurement and ethical sourcing. We help them work with a wide spectum of partners to do this and comply with Social Value Act 2012.

We can help in the following practical areas:

Communicating with stakeholders and building relationships – identifying who you need to talk to and work with to get things done, finding the best ways to engage with them and helping to grow that relationship

New ways of working – implementing new processes and procedures for planning and capturing responsible procurement and social value through your everyday project/business/organisation/supply chain activities

Making progress and change normal – we help you monitor your  performance and progress, help you implement and mange projects, identify where you can improve and how you can communicate in order to get buy-in

Leadership and confidence – growing the confidence, skills and leadership capacity of people and teams charged with delivering social value through training, mentoring and coaching

Learning and sharing – providing opportunities to share, meet and learn from other’s experience of delivering this fast moving and complex agenda, through hosting events, facilitating workshops, managing networks and bringing people together

Building intelligence – being your eyes and ears helping to gather the intelligence, information and knowledge you need to help maximise your social impact and be recognised for it

Networking and influencing – cities, communities, businesses, projects and organisations are all networks. We are very good at networking and understanding how to mobilise them effectively to gather information, get things moving, change mindsets and work better together. We help get things done by forming relationships and motivating others to collaborate with you.