mend thinks

Mend is also a think-tank and we are interested in the relationship between social and spatial aspects of cities, and how they affect our everyday lives.

We are recognised thought leaders and regularly write, speak and convene events and networks around how cities are changing and the role that communities and organisations play in their future.

Mend Thought Leadership Credentials

We have been contributing articles, speeches, presentations and research in our specialist fields for over 13 years. Our track record includes:


  • Teen Fiction: myths and realities around young people and planning (Planning Magazine July 2013)
  • Is it time you faced up to Ethical Sourcing ? (Construction Manager Magazine 2013)
  • Big Think on Public Space (Property Week February 2013)
  • Mend and Community as Client (mentioned in Urban Design Journal 2012)
  • Causes of the UK Summer Riots: Industry responds (Architects Journal August 2011)
  • Community Permission & Social Enterprise (Article, The Guardian April 2011)
  • Tory, Lib Dem & Labour implications on construction sector (Construction Manager Magazine 2010)
  • Economic Planning in an Uncertain World (Article, Planning Magazine 2009)
  • Planning for Cohesion (Article, Planning Magazine 2008)
  • Social Sustainability & Eco-Towns (Article, Building Magazine 2008)
  • Theme Guide for Designing Safer Communities (Home Office Publication 2005)


  • Panel Beat on Commissioning Good Engagement (London Legacy Development Corporation, 2013)
  • How obstruction impacts creation in design processes (100% Design platform talk for Design Council 2013)
  • Regen Confessional – sharing what we would NEVER do again! (ReFest 2013)
  • Neighbourhood Planning: unlikely urban disruptor ( Salon 2013)
  • Comfortable Chaos: putting the unplanned into planning (IDBE Lecture series, Cambridge University 2013)
  • Ins and outs of the Social Value Act (National Housing Federation Conference 2013)
  • How can design help to create sustainable communities? (EcoBuild Panel Discussion 2013)
  • The Big Think on the Future of London’s Public Realm (Property Week + Central debate 2013)
  • Personality of place: towards a behavioural approach to planning (Chair, EcoBuild Panel Discussion 2012)
  • Community as client: micro-urban regeneration in action (Chair, EcoBuild Panel Discussion 2011)
  • Going Red to Green: Moving towards a green recovery (EcoBuild Panel Discussion 2009)
  • Road to Economic Recovery (Financial Times Global Seminar Series Panel Discussion 2009)


  • London Legacy Development Corporation – researching different models of Community facilities around the vicinity of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
  • Crossrail Ethical Supply Chains In Construction (ESCIC) – Liane is Vice Chair of this Crossrail-wide group developing the first ethical sourcing methodology for a project of this size.
  • Research papers on the social impact appraisal techniques and the treatment of CSR in the delivery of Mega Urban Transport Projects for the Volvo sponsored OMEGA programme