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Creating a “Scenius”9_place_idea_Mend space on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at Libraversity

Mend was commissioned by London Legacy Development Corporation to explore the feasibility of a hybrid community facility, combining a mix of uses including a library, community space, maker space and workspaces. The immediate vicinity will eventually house a rich mix of cultural, arts and entrepreneurial activities and institutions directly adjacent to where people live. How can we help foster creativity between these different communities? This report argued for a “scenius” approach to the space to allow maximum exposure between a diverse spectrum of people and ideas.


Establishing and embedding the legacy parameters for Tideway Central

Mend’s Liane Hartley acted as Legacy Manager for Ferrovial-Laing O’Rourke Joint Venture for the Tideway Central Section Mobilisation Team. Tideway is a major investment  in London’s infrastructure helping to address the pressures of a growing and future population’s demands on the existing sewer system. Tideway have embedded a strong legacy agenda which cuts across, place-making, community investment, equality + diversity, skills + employment, responsible procurement, and environmental sustainability; with a framework for steering and monitoring performance. Liane worked with Tideway and partner Joint Ventures to develop a collaborative culture of working, drafted key plans, and established processes and procedures to support delivery of the plans and the performance framework.


DSC_0264Coaching the Heston West Community Partnership

Mend worked with the local resident led partnership in one of the first Big  Local areas in London to help them understand local issues, social networks and third sector partners, coach community leaders in preparing an action plan and bring new members into the partnership. We enabled several new members of the partnership to come forward from the community most of whom had never been part of a community partnership before. We recruited some local sixth form pupils to be part of our project team, helping us to engage with their friends and families. Over the course of this short project we captured over 100 project ideas and raised awareness of Big Local in the community.



Delivering responsible and ethical procurement for Crossrail

Mend is working with the Dragados-Sisk Joint Venture on contract C305 to deliver their responsible and ethical procurement commitments. We work closely with the procurement team to monitor and manage sub-contractors and our supply chain, work with the human resources and training manager to deliver on our apprenticeship and job starts targets and the environment team to monitor recycled content and carbon emissions.



Chila Kumari Burman

Community Facilities Strategy Supporting Study for London legacy Development Corporation

Mend recently completed a study for the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) helping to articulate what “community facility” means in the context of the future build out of the Legacy Community Strategy (LCS) on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We did an extensive mapping exercise to identify the range and type of existing community facilities in the vicinity of the Park and produced a set of detailed case studies from research and interviews with existing facilities. These helped us to identify three distinct delivery models, with inherent characteristics around the way facilities are organised, funded and managed as well as a detailed SWOT analysis of their benefits and challenges. They also helped us to draw up a set of principles and recommendations for how new facilities in the Park could be delivered.



Roman RoadRoman Road Vacant Units Project

Mend was commissioned by the Roman Road Town Team to gather intelligence on the issues and opportunities of vacant units on the stetch of Roman Road Between Grove Road and Parnell Road. We spent time getting to know the road and its local people and businesses, which was the best way to get a handle of the issues and people we needed to speak to. We audited the road and created a database detailing information on the use, ownership, land registry, planning activity and state of vacancy on every unit on this part of the road. Once we had identified units that showed potential for temporary and meanwhile use, we established a dialogue with local landlords about their willingess to consider this type of use, and what were their requirements for this to be a viable proposition. We also established contact with potential temporary users and organisations, ranging from charities, small businesses and social enterprises. From this work we have been able to provide the Town Team and local council with a valuable resource for initiaing activity to bring about positive use of vacant spaces on Roman Road.


SAMSUNGTune-in Cricket Green

Mend designed and facilitated a comunity engagement event called “Tune In Cricket Green”, on behalf of Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage (MCGC+H) and LB Merton. Mitcham Cricket Green (MCG) is an attractive and historic part of the borough that is facing pressure to change, evidenced by numerous planning applications and proposals concerning several sites in the area. This has amounted to objections and appeals and a general concern from residents that the proposals coming forward are not appropriate for the area or setting The “Tune In” concept emphasised channelling into people’s views, perceptions and ideas for how they saw MCG changing and crucially, how they wanted to see it change positively in the near and further future. We then took them through  process of visualising how a number of different sites could be transformed and how this could bring positive benefits to the community.